Thursday, July 11, 1996

Scrabble Scribbles (July 10, 1996 Issue)

(Appeared in The Evening Paper Sports Page)

Scrabble Scribbles by Butch Maniego
July 10, 1996

In this week's Shakey's tournament, hosted by yours truly and Macky Maceda, a record of 34 players showed up. Unfortunately, Shakey's top seed Romy Almazan could not make it but there was a fierce battle as Manila's tournament veterans came in full force.

And for the second straight week it was national champion Ronald Credo emerging with a 7-1 card, giving him 15 wins in his last 16 outings. Leo Capuno was second with 6-2 while Ver Morales, who battled Credo for the title in the eighth round after halting his win run, fell to third, also with 6-2 slate. Rudy Chavez, also with 6-2, was fourth with Robbie Onate fifth and Bing Encelan sixth after they battled to a tie in the eighth and final round, both finishing with 5.5 points.

In the special prizes category, Bing Lao had the most bingos with 19 from eight games and also had the high game of 580 points. Bobby Suma who was at the receiving end of that blowout in round three, came back with a final round high single turn of 103 points for QUAI, which is unusual for non-bingo move.

Suma had 561 in his last round and beat Tommy Maniri, who scored a whopping 445 as well but at least got the award for highest losing score. Lowest winning score went to Willy Aguirre, who won with 303 points (against Orly Barrameda's 260). And finally, the tough luck award went to Ge. Bert Palomo, who lost three of his games by a combined total of 29 points! That's what you call bad luck.

Over in Cebu City, Joel Toroy knocked Avelino Guatno off his throne to win their forthnightly tournament with a 6-1 card. Guatno was second at 5-2, followed by Jeffrey Lauderes and Renan Dela Cerna, both of whom finished at 5-2.

This weekend's Shakey's Series tournament continues with Bing Lao as host and director.

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