Sunday, July 12, 1998

Sports 'n Sundry (July 11, 1998 Issue)

(Appeared in People's Journal Sports Page)

SPORTS 'N SUNDRY by Butch Maniego
July 11, 1998

My Scrabble friend Maida Manaog is certainly on a hot streak. Last weekend she topped the First Masters Tournament, sponsored by Ador Ruiz, and held at the Parkview Village Homeowner's Association clubhouse free of charge through Gen. Bert Palomo.

Thirty-three players saw action in the two-day meet and here are the top finishers. 1. Maida Manaog, 2. Leo Capuno, 3. Ronald Credo, 4. Odette Rio, 5. Rolly Mandapat, 6. Tanjee Rabong, 7. Bonnie Macala, 8. Bing Encelan, 9. Gil Quiballo, and 10. Mario Miranda. Sponsor Ador Ruiz, who spent most of the last 18 months in Kuala Lumpur, took 11th spot and he awarded cash prizes and gifts (Scrabble booklets, Redwood Wordlist, trophies, t-shirt and others) to the top 8 finishers as well as all the participants in the great meet.

High game went to Leo Capuno (545) while Bobby Suma had high turn with DIORITE for 140 points. Bonnie Macala was the bingo king with 37 over 18 games. And except for some technical problems, the tournament went smoothly under the directorship of Orly Barrameda and the support of Emma Onate. Ruiz also announced that the next tournament will be sponsored by Rolly Mandapat. Meanwhile, Col Antonio Malonzo announced that the Philippine Suburbia Scrabble Club Inc. is sponsoring the first Asian Scrabble Championship in December 1998. Reports courtesy of Mario Miranda.

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