Monday, July 11, 2005

Proposed Procedure in Selecting Candidates to WSC 2007

Mario Miranda prepared the Minutes of Meeting  held at SM City North Edsa dated 5th July 2005 regarding Proposed Procedure in Selecting Candidates to WSC 2007:

Before the start of the final day  of the Candidates’ Matches held July 5,6, and 7, 2005 at the SM North Entertainment Plaza,  majority of the  participants had a caucus.  Asked what they think of the way the Candidates’ Matches came about, Rio Odette readily proposed an alternative.  No one disagreed, but some participants suggested some modifications.  In sum, I am listing down the salient points discussed for further discussion and approval of the USEC (Unified Scrabble Executive Council) headed by Gen. Alberto Palomo.  The comments or inputs of everyone is solicited to come up with a system agreeable to at least majority of the players, and avoid the problems we encountered this year.  We expect the USEC will meet next month, by then the comments or inputs of the individual players or club decisions would have been submitted to USEC for action.  Once approved, the final edition will be disseminated through the club for the information of the players.

Salient points suggested:

  1. The current rating system will still be used, but will continuously undergo  improvements  as other factors need to be included.
  2.  The total number of 24 used this year will be increased to 30 next year.
  3. Rating period coverage will be May 1, 2005 up to April 30, 2006.
  4. The top 30 players in the ratings will qualify for the Candidates’ Matches. A player to be qualified must have played at least 100 rounds, and participated in at least three (3) big tournaments.
  5. There will be 4 legs to be   held  starting  June 2006.
  6. The schedules:
First leg          First weekend of June 2006
                                    Second leg      First weekend of September 2006
                                    Third leg         First weekend of December 2006
                                    Fourth leg       First weekend of March 2007

  1. The Team Philippines to the 2007 WSC would have been chosen early enough for the members to have plenty of time to prepare physically, mentally, and logistics wise.
  2. Originally, the proposal was for the first leg to be held in Metro Manila, but  Cebu City requested for one leg.  The rest will be held in Metro Manila, the schedule will be finalized by USEC.
  3. For each leg, only the top 30 players based on the ratings will participate.  They will play 18 rounds per leg, King of the Hill pairing.  Points will be awarded to the champion, the runners up and down the line.  This will be done for the all legs.
  4. After the last leg, the points gathered will be added up and the top three (3) players will compose the Team Philippines, as proven by their consistent performances.
  5. Tie breakers will have to be established.

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