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My Panagbenga Game Summary

Day 1, Feb. 24, 2007

Round 1, Board 1 vs. Odette Rio

I started with tile exchanges in my first two turns. She played FY 8h (16) and VIA 7g (22), respectively then I responded with TRaIPSE (76) on move 3 missing a nine letter word (1?) thru IF on the board. Odette levelled off the count, 212-212 on her move 8 with ETALONS (68). On move 10, I played the risky BELAbOR (71) opening the TWS lane when there were other bingos such as ExORABLE or EROdABLE$ at a8 for 80 pts. Going into the endgame, I held AGMNORT with 3 tiles in bag and unseen EEFLOSTUVW, the board looked like this:

Ronald: AGMNORT - 344
Odette' Score: 311
Odette's last play: MIB

I was thinking of M(E)GATRON* a7 but did'nt gambled thinking NEGATRON was the right one. I was about to play TA(N)G o12 23 pts. to block the possible play of FE(N)T o12 44 pts. based on unseen but then I would empty the bag with this move, so I decided to play just two tiles. I guessed, there are other plays better than my choice.

>Ronald: AGMNORT o13 MNA +19 363

Only to find out later that I missed a bingo (2?). This could have been a candidate for a flowery word as part of special prizes.

The next diagram deserved deep analyses and a second look on how our top rated player in the country, Odette masterfully handled such endgame situation!

At this point, Odette had EELOSTU, 52 points behind and a good 18 minutes left in her time clock with unseen FGNORTVW. Although OUT(GNAWN) 15f (33) scored well, Odette concluded that this would totally erase her winning chances. So, she was thinking of other options like playing one tile to create another opening and hope to draw her much needed tile for her last bingo attempt!

>Odette: EELOSTU 2b OPE +5 316

(Analysis: I believed, the first thing went to Odette's mind before deciding on her play was a question of what was my rack before playing M(N)A or the other way around. The best clue for Odette in order to detect my previous rack combination would be to look at her tracking sheet to check the unseen tiles (FGNORTVW + MA). Maybe FGMA+3 tiles or FOMA+3 tiles are not part of her opponent's rack combination as FA(N)G o12 and FA(N)O o12 were not played in my last turn. Odette could have presumed that F was one of the three tiles left in the bag prior to my previous play of M(N)A. Then FOULEST 3g (97) would be the only opening available for her next turn, so the OPE move created another opening for FOULEST/FE$ 1d (101). (Note: OSW4/Chambers + OSPD4/TWL06 were our dictionary references in this tourney). Although, there were two open lanes for possible bingo, this could be blocked easily by opponent's playing at the H column. Perhaps, this could be a good decoy move for other bingo options in case F was not in the bag and opponent overlooked a best reply. Analyzing other drawn tiles, the possibility are as follows:
Drew W - OUTWELLS k1 (72)
Drew T - OUTLETS 1d (77)
OUTLETS 3h (71)
TOLUATES l2 (68)
OUTTELLS k1 (66)
Drew R - TROULES 1d (77)
OUTLERS 1d (77)
ELUTORS 1d (77)
OUTLERS 3h (71)
ROSULATE l1 (70)
Drew V - (E)VOLUTES a8 (86)
OVUL(A)TES l2 (74)
Drew O - OUTSOLE 1d (77)
OUTSOLE 3h (71)
TOLUOLES k1 (66)
Drew N or G - No bingo

Considering the above scenario, a draw of O could give her an unblockable bingo next turn but since I dropped the other vowel in my M(N)A move, Odette realized that O was in my rack. In retrospect, Odette should have tried LADED 11j (7) or EH 13f (5) or considered other plays such as EN h3 (2) or ES i3 (2), so that a draw of V or outside chance of O, could give her 2/9 or 22 percent chance of playing an unblockable bingo in two separate location next turn and a sure win assuming V or O was in the bag. On the other hand, the OPE play could also lead to unblockable bingo next turn with a draw of V, O, R or T but the same 2/9 winning chances assuming her opponent made the ideal moves.)

I drew FW in the bag making my rack FGNORTW and her rack as ELOSTUV. I was about to play WRONG 1d 48 pts., however, I saw (E)VOLUTES a8 86 pts. and after computing the scores, I could lose by 1 point, 411-412. As I surveyed other location, I also spotted OVUL(A)TES l2 for 74 pts. In other words, her bingo was inevitable! My mind focused on blocking her high scoring option instead of looking for high scoring move for myself which could have saved the game.

>Ronald: FGNORTW 7a FAW +28 391

Another big blunder! In my post mortem analysis, I missed the winning move (3?)

>Odette: ELOSTUV a8 EVOLUTES +74 390
>Odette: (GNORT) (challenge) +5 395
>Odette: (GNORT) +12 407

L 391-407, Record: 0-1 -16

Round 2, Board 9 vs. Odette Rio
Due to the King of the Hill format, we were paired again as no other players came closer to our spread since we are in the middle of the standing. It's Odette's time to exchange rack in move 1, followed with HaSTIER (83) in move 2 then PTERION (73) in move 4. I played CANTErED (83) in move 8 to close the gap, 278-280. Then her spurts of high scoring play won her the game.
L 346-410, Record: 0-2

Round 3, Board 14 vs. William Caluza
William played two bingos, ENATION (66) and FOLIATE (77) in his first two turns. I managed to play a four timer, LATHIESt (90) in move 4, but still trailing, 149-219. After he spotted STOVERS (84), the game went his way.
L 324-459, Record: 0-3

Round 4, Board 19 vs. Lydia Pullantes
I am now sitting at the very last board with 0-3 win loss record. I started with a rack of EEELORT and played LEE (6) 8h. She played ENTRAIN (68) 7g, immediately. I held ?EEHORT, and chose the more open HEREuNTO (72) m2. It was neck to neck affair when I pulled away with OUtEARN (63) and ASTONES (65+5) for my first win of the tourney.
W 428-317, Record: 1-3

Round 5, Board 16 vs. Margie Lumawan
Margie played SEALINg (71) in move 2. I noticed that in my last three games, my opponents usually got to play bingo ahead of me. Later, I held ACCEENT with the open R and laid down a bingo to lead, 291-257. I discovered after the game that I played the phoney one which was not challenged. But then, she came back with string of high scoring plays using the power tiles, JAPS (42), QIS (42), IZAR (26) and BOnIE (26).
L 364-400, Record: 1-4

Round 6, Board 19 vs. Lydia Pullantes
Back to the last board again with the same opponent. This time, Lydia played three bingos, REVISED (72), CRoWNeD (79) and COMEDIAN (98). At that point, she had a huge lead, 157-311. I had only one bingo, AIRHOLES (63) thus far. I managed to trim down the gap going into the endgame, the score was 325-394 after she blocked my bingo spot with her V(A)T (6) move. With my rack of CDEIPST, DISCEPT or DEPICTS/ILIAC won't go down as ILIA was blocked by her last play. With 2 tiles in the bag and unseen EELNSTTTY. There was only one open H left for a possible 8-letter bingo, so I decided to open up one more bingo lane and dumped two tiles playing D(IS)C (14) and drew NT in the bag. She did'nt paid too much attention on that setup and blocked the H instead by playing T(H)EY, she still led, 410-339. With my rack of EINPSTT, I slapped down a bingo, SPITTEN forming another word DISCI for 78 pts. Stunned in my last play and realizing she could lose if she let go my play, she challenged both words to make it sure and it was valid adding 10 more points to my score, escaping victory from the jaws of defeat.
W 435-410, Record: 2-4

Round 7, Board 17 vs. Malou Flores
My first rack, ACEFLOZ played COLZA (38) h4 missing the high scoring one (4?). In move 3, I felt like dancing by spotting TANGOED (63). Then another one in move 12, PROMISe (77). Her last play of LiNSEED (83) reduced my 200+ spread to 109.
W 429-320, Record: 3-4

Round 8, Board 12 vs. Mario Libiran
My NEPETAS (76), SERVILE (80) and OUTDARE (89) was not answered by Mario.
W 527-319, Record: 4-4

Round 9, Board 8 vs. Cirilo Nuesca Sr.
It seemed that I drew better now, as I laid down three bingos anew, NOUNIEST (59), OEDIPAL (84+5) and IRATELY (88). He only got down SLOpiNG (74) near the end.
W 506-338, Record: 5-4

Round 10, Board 5 vs. Louie Mark de Guzman
This was our last game for the first day. My next opponent was our whiz kid who also played in WYSC 2006. In move 3, he played LINEATE (69). I countered with WISPIER (85) in move 6. Later, he maximized with JIGGED (48), opening up the D for my rack of ?ABEEIU, I played a nice bingo (5?) to minimize his lead 269-287. As we approached the endgame, we were in time trouble as both sides committed blunder. I capitalized on his last miscue to go out in two moves and eked out a cardiac win.
W 377-366, Record: 6-4 +375

I finished the first day in the 7th spot with 6 wins 4 losses and +375 spread, good enough after a slow start and a nice recovery of 5 straight wins with reasonable 50%+ stats summarized below:
W/L: 6-4 (60%)
Ave Score: 413-375
Bingos: 20/10 - 15/10 (2-1.5)
Blanks: 10/20 (50%)
S: 22/40 (55%)
J: 6/10 (60%)
Q: 6/10 (60%)
X: 5/10 (50%)
Z: 5/10 (50%)

After 10 rounds, here's the standing:
1 Odette Rio 8 +552
2 Teejay de Jesus 8 +338
3 Pakorn Nemitrmansuk 7 +704
4 Oscar Rivera Jr. 7 +472
5 Leonora Labog 7 +390
6 Carlos Acain 7 +212
7 Ronald Credo 6 +375
8 Renante dela Cerna 6 +364
9 Abe Gogoling 6 +326
10 Robbie Onate 6 +299
11 Andronico Aquino Sr. 6 +177
12 Mark Monis 6 +119
13 Louie Mark de Guzman 6 +59
14 Frederick Bintudan 6 -23
15 William Caluza 5 +208
16 Antonio Aquino 5 +175
17 Huub Luyk 5 +144
18 Julio Busaing 5 +122
19 Cirilo Nuesca 5 +66
20 Roberto Salayog 5 -44
21 Delio Dimaano 5 -78
22 Margie Lumawan 5 -223
23 Nora Dagoy 5 -287
24 Larry Serrano 5 -293
25 Reynante Olas 5 -506
26 Melvin Dalangin 4 +64
27 Malou Flores 4 +64
28 Jimmy Laking 4 -22
29 Ophie Ireberri 4 -204
30 Mario Libiran 4 -307
31 Cynthia Garcia 4 -376
32 Lowell Liwat 4 -451
33 Mayet Santos 3.5 -145
34 Judy Ambrosius 3.5 -348
35 Eddie Manandeg 3.5 -541
36 Lydia Pullantes 3 -181
37 Sammy Espiritu 3 -333
38 Becky Luyk 2.5 -207
39 John Tamondong 2 -559

Day 2, February 25, 2007

Round 11, Board 4 vs. Renante dela Cerna

I started the game with DELICTS 8h (76). He responded with F(I)LMI$ k7 (20). ?AAENNQ came in, QANA(T) m4 (15) was my play. He played TUNNY l11 (26) exposing the two TWS. A good draw gave me a rack of ?EIMNOP, I was leading 91-46. A puzzle-like situation was created in this game but I blew the opportunity of completing such a brilliant move (6?). Instead, I played a rather weak scoring bingo, PIMENtO 9b (64). After his GOON(Y) 15h (27), here comes another good rack EEERSST, and played a phoney with open M and was challenged off successfully. He scored with VUG (8a) 28, making our score 155-101 in my favor. TESSER(A)E 5h (66+5) was my next play and he countered with TaRTANA 5c (71+5). Succeeding plays gave me JU(N)IOR 14j (85), ABOVE 3f 40, HAIKA/ALONE 1d (63), PORY 10c (42), etc. to win decisively.
W 480-282, Record: 7-4

Round 12, Board 3 vs. Abe Gogoling
My first rack was EIMNORT, played TERMION* confused with FERMION which was challenged off successfully. I should have exchanged the M. Abe immediately played UNCOILS 8b (74). Then, I spotted the four timer (7?) which he challenged unsuccessfully, making my score 95 for that turn. Later, he missed a bingo (8?) with his rack ADELOST thru open E, for which I blocked with low scoring AJEE next turn. Later, IGNEOUS (63) and PATEReRO (85+5) extended my lead further. His parallel play of ZOoS (90), with his Z hitting DLS and connected to TWS reduced my lead.
W 499-359, Record: 8-4

Round 13, Board 2 vs. Pakorn Nemitrmansuk
At long last, I met Pakorn! This was our fourth meeting on the board. In Melbourne WSC99, I remember beating him in round 2, 592-339. I lose a close game in Kuala Lumpur WSC03, also in round 2, 412-420. The latest meeting was in Causeway Scrabble Challenge 2006, Johor Bahru, Malaysia where I also lose, 373-466. Below is the final board position:

This time, I needed three bingos, DOORSMEN (94), COTTAGED (76+5) and the game saving FIELDErS (65+5), to match his ENRACED (74), UNnANELD (77) and a late REASTIER (70+5).
W 482-449, Record: 9-4

Round 14, Board 2 vs. Louie Mark de Guzman
Our second meeting in this tourney. DGHLORS was my first rack, played a bolder HOLD (8g) (16). After his QAT 7f (21), ?DEEGRS was my next rack, played dREDGES k2 (75). He responded with FELT 4j (14), lacking vowels, I guessed. My ENGROSS 9a (68) dangerously opened up the two TWS. Another puzzle-like situation, but this time, it's Louie Mark turn to handle ?CENRTY. He spent 3 minutes in looking for a bingo, and laid down CENTERlY* 8a for 167 pts. I hold play as a nice AEINNOT was sitting in my rack. And decided to challenged his play and the word came off. I don't know how a computer simulation would respond to this situation as I don't have possible bingo move thru the open E and N that could block his previous missed bingo (9?). If I make use of the TWS to play NO 8a (14), the column E could be his other bingo option next turn. But, I played INTONATE m2 (70) to divert his attention on the other side of the board. It paid off as he settled for ENCRYpT n8 (88). My next move, VERITAS o3 (95) sealed a healthy win for my 9th consecutive win.
W 492-332, Record: 10-4

Round 15, Board 1 vs. Odette Rio
After struggling hard in the lower boards, I was back in board 1 again facing Odette who defeated Pakorn in round 14. Odette had an 11-3 win loss record going to this round. She played briskly and accurately finding two bingos, ALTERNE (65) and StOREYS (79) against none for me. My winning streak ended here and a poor 0-3 win-loss record against her. I'll just try my luck anew against her in the Candidates Match (last leg) slated on March 24-25,2007.
L 331-423, Record: 10-5

Round 16, Board 2 vs. Louie Mark de Guzman
In move 3, he played cLEAVERS (72) which was answered by my SENDING (73). The turning point of game was my scoring moves of ZA$ (69) doubling the TLS and QI (44) doubling the DLS.

W 432-328, Record: 11-5

Round 17, Board 2 vs. Teejay de Jesus

Aside from Pakorn, Teejay was the other player who defeated Odette in this tourney, so I expected a tougher game against him in this penultimate round. He drew first blood in move 7, played SLOTTER (71). Despite his good play, I kept on plugging in, my last taste of lead was 241-230, when he laid down OERStEd (71) to pull away, 241-301 and he played cautiously, thereafter.
L 331-387, Record: 11-6

After round 17, the current top 10 players are as follows:
1. Pakorn 12-5, +1305
2. Odette 12-5, +873
3. Teejay 12-5, -16
4. Ronald 11-6, +862
5. Robbie 11-6, +476
6. Andy 11-6, +435
7. Antonio 10-7, +673
8. Nora 10-7, +407
9. Renan 10-7, +369
10. Huub 10-7, +335

Round 18, Board 2 vs. Teejay de Jesus
Teejay played VEEP 8f (18) first and I responded with ENLARGEr h8 (77). Four moves later, I found LIBERATE 10h (68), to lead 193-106. He fought back gallantly and reduced the gap in move 9 where he played DESISTED (70) to make it 289-279. Later, an interesting endgame position occured. This was the situation:
Ronald: EIOOSTX - 334
Teejay's Score: 338
Teejay's last play: MI(S) g3
Unseen: ?EIIONRW (1 tile in the bag)

During the game, I was worried about the open M for a possible bingo due to unseen blank since at that point, I was still doublechecking whether I tracked the tiles correctly. In 2 minute time, I finally verified the unseen tiles as ?EIINORW. I saw his WRIs(T) h1 for 33 pts., if I ignore that area, I would lose. So, OXO h1 (34) and the high scoring EXIS(T) h1 (56) were my first two choices, but a good rack combination by Teejay based on unseen tiles could give him a bingo in his last turn. I played EXIS(T) and hoped that he had IIW+ any 4 tiles in his rack. Alas, letter I was in the bag indicating his rack as a nice ?EIONRW. He had still 7 minutes left on his time clock to work out his move, shuffling his tiles and concentrating on the wide open E atop the board! With a few ticks left, he played aWNIER 4j (21) and faltered as he missed the game winning bingo (10?). I heaved a sigh of relief. With this, I finished in 3rd place.
W 407-371, Record: 12-6, +898

After my exhaustive post endgame analysis, I discovered that MOXIES 3g (23) wins 7.5/8 or 93.75% of the time compared to OXO 6/8 (75%) which loses to a possible rack combination of ?EIINOR (11?) and EXIST 5/8 (62.5%) which loses to possible rack combination of ?EIINOR (12?) or ?EINORW (Teejay's actual rack). How about MOXIE 3g (22)? This also loses to rack combination of ?EINORW and ?EIINRW starting with WIsE l1 (34) play making 5/8 (62.5%) winning chances for me. Going back to MOXIES, can you spot a possible drawn game (13?) with ?EINORW rack?

One last question. What was the phoney word (14?) on the board which was not challenged?

Players from top left: Abe, Renante, me, Odette, Pakorn, Louie Mark, Teejay, Andy
Sitting from left: Frederick, Antonio, Robbie & Nora

Final Standing after 18 rounds
Rank Players Wins Recorded Spread

1 Odette Rio 13 +1044
2 Pakorn Nemitrmansuk 12 +1134
3 Ronald Credo 12 +898
4 Robbie Onate 12 +480
5 Teejay de Jesus 12 -52
6 Leonora Labog 11 +591
7 Renante dela Cerna 11 +444
8 Andronico Aquino Sr. 11 +431
9 Louie Mark de Guzman 11 +291
10 Antonio Malonzo 10 +489
11 Abe Gogoling 10 +455
12 Huub Luyk 10 +260
13 Cirilo Nuesca 10 +119
14 Carlos Acain 10 -59
15 Delio Dimaano 10 -161
16 Larry Serrano 10 -361
17 Mark Monis 9.5 -324
18 Oscar Rivera Jr. 9 +305
19 William Caluza 9 +184
20 Mario Libiran 9 -86
21 Sammy Espiritu 9 -246
22 Margie Lumawan 9 -325
23 Nora Dagoy 9 -453
24 Julio Busaing 8.5 -99
25 Melvin Dalangin 8 +279
26 Malou Flores 8 +106
27 Lydia Pullantes 8 -30
28 Roberto Salayog 8 -263
29 Frederick Bintudan 8 -163
30 Cynthia Garcia 8 -394
31 Mayet Santos 7.5 +92
32 Judy Ambrosius 7.5 -575
33 Ophie Ireberri 7 -307
34 Lowell Liwat 7 -582
35 Reynante Olas 7 -1244
36 Becky Luyk 6.5 -15
37 Eddie Manandeg 6.5 -628
38 John Tamondong 4 -910
39 Jimmy Laking (Withdrawn)

My Over-all Stats:
: 12-6 (66.67%)
Ave Score: 421-371
Bingos: 36/18 - 27/18 (2-1.5)
Blanks: 15/36 (41.67%)
S: 35/72 (48.61%)
J: 10/18 (55.56%)
Q: 10/18 (55.56%)
X: 10/18 (55.56%)
Z: 9/18 (50%)

1. aPERIT(IF)S 1h 92 pts.
2. MARTAGON l2 74 pts.
3. FROWN/FE$ 1d 54 pts. Odette's best play would be EVOLUTES a8 86 pts. catching me with (GT) + 6 pts. Final score in my favor should have been 417-408.
4. ZOEAL 8d 48 pts.
6. EPONYMIc 15h (176). Give a tap on your back if you spotted DOPaMINE h8 (95) or MOPINEsS n1 (94) as well.
7. REMOTION e5 (90+5) was my actual play. MOTIONER e4 (90) is also good.
9. RECENTlY a8 (167)
10. IRONWEEd (63). Interestingly, TWL06 had a nice (MI)NItOWER$ 3g (78)!
11. (O)nIONIER
12. (E)RIONItE
13. OWINg 2j (29) is the key move. Best reply would be O(B)IT j9 (6) + 4 catching ER, making the final score, 367-367.
14. BHUL*

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