Saturday, April 07, 2007

Candidates Match Final Results for WSC 2007

Below are the Summary and Final Standing of the Candidates Match after 4 Legs which concluded last March 24-25, 2007. The top 3 will represent Team Philippines to WSC 2007. In case any of these players cannot make it, players down the line will take their place.

Teodoro Martus Jr. captured the 4th Leg to edge Ronald Credo in the ranking. They actually had the same number of points (68) but superior over-all spread of +2759 against +2404 put him in the 2nd spot over-all.

Odette Rio, on the other hand finish the 4th leg in the 2nd place but ranked 1st over-all with 75 points and +2445 spread.

Ronald Credo dropped to 3rd place over-all with 68 points and +2404 spread. He actually needed 3 wins in the Last Leg to secure a berth in WSC 2007.

CANDIDATES MATCH (Year 2006-2007) Final Standings after 4th Leg

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