Saturday, November 08, 2008

Nov 14 Scrabble Battle at the Grind's Cafe Part 3

(Note: This file is extracted in the UAE Scrabble google-groups)

See you around...


Jun said...

Hi Ronald!

Like yourself, we are also very much into scrabble. Me and my mom would like to join any upcoming tournaments, but in the Philippines, since we are still here. Do you have any ideas how we can join, or who to contact?

Thank you and more power to you in Dubai!!

best regards,

melvind said...


Do you mean you are in Philippines? If so you may contact me for some scrabble activities.

Melvin Dalangin
Mobile - 09178549526/09228183089
Landline - 8293890

I am Ronald's friend of course he he.


Kishore said...

Hi Ronald,
Me and my wife Preethi, live in the Burduabi area, and ae great enthusiasts of the game, and would like to join the club. If you can give me your number i could call you, or you could call me on +971-50-9110680 or mail me on

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With Regards