Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dubai Scrabble Championship 2013 (Expert Division)

The tournament was held in Dubai Festival City on 10-11 May 2013



Playing Venue with 3 Divisions

Playing Venue

Nikhil Soneja spearheading the event

Round 1, losses to Ralph Lobo, 390-476. He laid down HAULAGE, FURCATe and TEAPOtS. I had VINASSE and REBODIES.

Round 2, win vs Valentine, 699-167. I played 5 bingos.

Round 3 win vs Ryan Benemerito, 441-397

Round 4, won vs Selwyn Lobo, 442-392 who failed to slot in a game winning last move bingo from his rack ?AEELNR (to start with T of SINGLETS and hook S to MIRTH) in time trouble. Holding ZTOXINR I blocked with MIZ (12f) as he tried a phoney SEALiNER*).

Round 5, win vs Sanchit, 467-379.

Round 6 vs Prasad. He was 5-0 +575 and I was 4-1 +446 going into this final round. I needed at least 65 points spread to win, and the final score was 441-298! My victory...

1st Prize

Photos with friends

Well done...

Prize cheque of 5000 dirhams

Another prize: iPad 16GB with retina display

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