Saturday, January 18, 2014

Past Scrabble Gulf Champions (as of 2013)

About the Gulf Scrabble Championships:
The Gulf Scrabble Championships were first held in 1991 in Bahrain as a cooperative effort between the various Scrabble associations across the GCC (Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Qatar). Since then, the tournament has grown from strength to strength and gained acclaim as a premier fixture in the international Scrabble calendar. It is currently the only world-ranked tournament in the Arab world and is considered the oldest international tournament in the mind sport, predating the first World Championships by a few months. From 1999, the Gulf Champion automatically secured slot for the World Scrabble Championships (WSC),  until WESPA scrapped it in 2007.

Below are the list of the Past Gulf Scrabble Champions:

Most Title: Naween Fernando and Akshay Bhandarkar with 4 apiece
Winningest: 10 for Bahrain, followed closely by UAE with 9
Most Consecutive Wins: 6 straight years for Bahrain (1992-1997)
Most Hosting: 19 straight years for Bahrain (1991-2009)
Most No. of Rounds: 20 rounds in 2013
Best Wins Ratio: ?? (for updating)

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