Saturday, February 15, 2014

A rich soup seasoned with curry

As I was reading some of NSA's Scrabble News, I saw one article which appeared in Issue No. 235 (May 2010) about this 82-year old man named Joe Simpson. According to the article, he was playing a friendly game in Central Park West with Fred Smedley. Fred’s opening play was TAWNY (8h). Joe’s rack was ?AGLLMU. “At first, I saw GALLIUM,” said Joe, “which fit nicely just over the TA in TAWNY. Then I saw MULLIGAN through the N in TAWNY. So when I set up the letters for MULLIGAN on my rack I had MULLIGA, then I saw the word, _________.”

What did Joe play? (Clue: the title of this blog is the meaning of the word). If you cannot spot it, then look for NSA Issue No. 235, LOL. Or better yet, use Quackle or Elise or any word finder apps.

The story does not end here, because, “The funny thing is,” said Joe, “that just a week or so before I was in the Indus Restaurant on Broadway. They have the best __________ soup there, and that’s what I ordered.” Joe has been playing SCRABBLE® for over 17 years. Most days, when the weather is warm and sunny, he can be found at the new SCRABBLE® Plaza in Washington Square Park. Whether or not he’ll make another memorable play is up to the tile gods.

In the meantime, there is a lesson here. When you find a bingo, keep looking for a better one. And when you find that…keep looking!

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