Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Final Showdown of the Top 16 Words Chosen by Scrabble Fans

Following my recent post here, the top 16 words unveiled by Merriam-Webster arranged in a bracket-style knockout format are as follows:

(Top 16 words for Scrabble Showdown)

Starting April 2, Scrabble fans will cast their votes on the Hasbro Game Night Facebook page until it is narrowed down to one final word. The chosen word will be revealed on April 10 and will be included in the fifth edition of Merriam-Webster's Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary (OSPD5 and TWL14), available this August, making it an official playable word.

Here are the definitions of the candidate words:
- Hangry (adjective): hungry and angry

- Zen (noun): a state of mind characterized by calmness and a sense of deep understanding

- Ew (interjection): used to express disgust

- Bestie (noun): short for best friend

- Bitcoin (noun): a unit of digital virtual currency; also: the currency itself

- Emotypo (noun): misuse of an emoticon

- Adorbs (adj): short for adorable

- Lifehack (noun): an efficient novel approach to an everyday task

- Booyah (interjection): used to express enthusiasm or approval

- Geocache (verb): to seek hidden items by means of a GPS device as part of a game

- Nowish (adv): at or about the present time

- Phablet (noun): a smartphone that has some of the functions of a tablet computer

- Cosplay (noun): dressing up as a fictional character

- Retweet (verb): to repost another person's tweet

I am rooting for EW or ZEN as useful words than other entries. EW for additional 2-letter word entry good in parallel play, while ZEN could be a scoring word and a useful hook from -EN. RETWEET is also a good word for bingo but it is paired versus EW, alas! Anyway, no need to worry because RETWEET has an anagram, TWEETER. So, cast your vote now. 

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