Sunday, January 18, 2015

Causeway Scrabble Challenge is Back!

Michael Tang, the principal organizer of the Causeway Scrabble Challenge made an announcement that this tournament is back giving jubilant applause from Scrabble enthusiasts alike, worldwide. Here's his statement posted in a Facebook group:

Dear Scrabblers around the world, I am pleased to inform you that I have decided to bring back the Grand Causeway Challenge during the 1st week of December 2016. Below is the format of the tournament.
There is no qualification and this tournament is Open to the Whole World. It will be held over 5 days with a total of 45 games. The format will be KOTH (with repeats) for the entire 45 games.
WESPA ratings will be the only criteria to determine which Division the player will be registered. Each division will be restricted to 50 players according to WESPA ratings. For eg. If 300 players sign up, the top 50 players will qualify for Premier Division and there will be total of 6 Divisions.
I am working on other details but I would like all Scrabble players to block their Calendar in 23 months time. I have decided to continue pursue my a Scrabble dream again after taking a few years break. With the support of players from around the World, I would like to see how BIG the Causeway Challenge will Grow!
Yours sincerely,
Michael Tang
Causeway Challenge

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