Saturday, September 03, 2016

3rd MSI World Scrabble Championship 2016 Update

After a 24 rounds preliminaries among 72 Scrabble word wizards, the eight quarter-finalists are the following:
1. Mark Nyman (UK) 19-5 +1272
2. David Webb (UK) 19-5 +1152
3. Allan Simmons (UK) 18-6 +974
4. Robert Robinsky (US) 17-7 +1216
5. Brett Smitheram (UK) 16-8 +1424
6. Adam Logan (Can) 16-8 +854
7. Lewis Mackay (UK) 16-8 +771
8. Joel Wapnick (Can) 16-8 +676

All of them hurdled their last round assignment.

The full results of the standings can be found here.

Featured round 24 game in the MSI Live Channel was a match between Nigel Richards (14-9, +1014) and Brett Smitheram (15-8, +1397), wherein the former needs 192 points spread win in order to catch the latter in the 8th spot, however, Brett prevailed, 379-406.

Screen grab of the final round game between Nigel Richards and Brett Smitheram
You can view the replay of their match here.

Following the previous format last 2014, the quarterfinal match-up in a best-of-three for each pair, will be #1 to play #8, #2 vs. #7, #3 vs. #6, and #4 vs. #5:
  • Mark Nyman (UK) vs. Joel Wapnick (Can)
  • David Webb (UK)  vs. Lewis Mackay (UK)
  • Allan Simmons (UK) vs. Adam Logan (Can)
  • Robert Robinsky (US) vs. Brett Smitheram (UK)
Winners of each matches will advance in the best-of-five semi-finals, then the remaining two players will play in the championship finals!

The 3rd Mind Sports International (MSI) World Scrabble Championship 2016 is being held in Lille, France and has attracted Scrabble players from different countries. Earlier last week, the French Scrabble, Spanish Scrabble and the World Youth Scrabble wrapped up with great success!

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