1. What is the CSW anagram of TOLLIES?
STELLIO (interestingly, it is also a reversed anagram of OILLETS)

2. What word would be the theoretically highest scoring first move in Scrabble and what is the score?
MUZJIKS for 128 points

3. Who won the inaugural World Scrabble Championship?
Peter Morris

4. RETINAS is pleasing to the eyes of a Scrabble player. There are 10 anagrams, name them all!
That's your assignment. LOL!

5. Who was the architect who invented Scrabble?
Alfred Butts

6. Anagram of BRITNEY SPEARS?

7. Anagram of ERIC CLAPTON?

8. WSC Champion who did not join the Tournament of Champions and was replaced by David Eldar? This was organized by Michael Tang in Zon Regency Hotel, Johor Bajru, Malaysia on 2010.
Joel Sherman

9. Four-letter words with Q having no U, not starting with Q?

10. Four-Letter word starting with X

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