World Record
  • High combined score (SOWPODS) – 1210 (721-489) by Edward Okulicz (Australia) and Michael McKenna (Australia), at the 2013 Janboree in NSW - see the game here.
  • High game (SOWPODS) – Toh Weibin set a record score of 850 at the Northern Ireland Championships on 21 January 2012. The winning margin of 591 points is also believed to be a record - see the game here and the story here.
  • Highest single play (SOWPODS) – CAZIQUES 392 by Karl Khoshnaw

Greatest Comeback
  • Game 4 of the WSC 1993 finals between Mark Nyman and Joel Wapnick. Down by 174 points margin (181-355) in the early going after three bingos by the latter, Nyman gallantly fought back to pip Wapnick by nine points, and evened at 2-2, thereby sending the match to a winner take all fifth game. The dramatic Game 4, check it here.

Flashiest Move
  • Nigel Richard held a rack of ?CDHLRN, and found a spectacular play! Check the board position here and find out what he did.

Great Escape
  • A game between Pakorn Nemitrmansuk and Howard Warner ended in a draw at Causeway 2009. Check my blog link here and find out why I call this game a Great Escape!

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