Thursday, December 14, 2006

2006 Causeway Scrabble Experience

My CSC Game Summary

Day 1, Dec. 08, 2006
Round 1 - Michael Tang (Sin)
This game was actually played later in the evening as Michael fetched the Thais at the airport who were delayed in their flight. In our game, Michael played two consecutive phoneys holding DEIINST which cost him the game. He later played SONTIES but was answered by ROAMINGS. WON 424-288.

Round 2 - Gerard Carter (Tha)
I drew first blood in TESTIER but was neutralized later by his RELaTES. Going into the endgame, I held ?AIILLR, I setup the last A, played LIEN leaving ?AILR to open up another bingo lane aside from the A-ending letter (A-QUA hook) and OF-t or OF-f hook which uses a blank at the 14th row. Two good letters pickup could have won me the game but I drew OO. Gerard blocked the only bingo lane of OORALIs/ALIEN by playing BEET (6 pts) to win the game. LOSS 362-377.

Round 3 - A. Ganesh (Mal)
Ganesh played four consecutive bingos, SPAMMIER, ISOLEADS, TILE(L)IKE and VENTAGES and took a commanding lead. I only managed to get down CHATTING and was able to trim down his spread. LOSS 439-492.

Round 4 - Naween Fernando (Aus)
Naween was still undefeated going into this round. He laid down CINEASTE, WANTONER, and HOLSTERS. I had 4-timer EQUiTIES 114 pts. and SUNDARI played on the tight board but could not cope up with his high scoring game. LOSS 526-436.

Round 5 - Irinieu Gonsalves (Ind)
Closed board this time and a cliff-hanger endgame. WON 379-384.

Round 6 - Cheah Siu Hean (Sin)
Cheah took an early lead by playing two consecutive bingos, TRANTER (5-letter overlap on top of WOODEN forming AWATCH, NO, TO, ED, and RE) and MELINITE. His DOVENInG pushed his lead further until the end. LOSS 452-365.

Michael Tang (Sin) announced that there will be 12 rounds to play on the second day to start 8:30 A.M.

So, after day 1, I only had 2-4, -104 Win-Loss-Spread record to show. Reviewing my stats, I only drew 3 out of 12 blanks for the said 6 rounds!

I asked my roommate, Marlon Prudencio (Phi) to play some practice games before we sleep. He agreed but there should be a bet, 5RM per game. I won, 3-0 and 15RM. Checking on my scorecard before we slept around 3:00A.M., I will play Panupol Sujjayakorn (Tha) and Nigel Richards (Mal) in Round 7 and 8, respectively.

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