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My first Tourney using Collins

Last weekend, June 4, 2007, I decided to attend a mini-tourney at Pares Restaurant located beside Bustillos Church, Sampaloc, Manila to get a feel of Collins. I arrived early and skimmed some new Collins words using my palmtop. Around 9:30 AM, players started to come in but only 9 of us were present and the tourney will not be rated if there are less than 10 players. Melvin volunteered to use his car to invite Loy nearby. Sure enough, the tourney ran smoothly. Open notes for new 2-4 letter words (except new 2-4 TWL06) were implemented in this particular tourney.

Round 1 vs Andy AquinoAndy played WEX 8g (26) to start the game. I held DGIOOTT and played OOTID 9f (26). I traded all my tiles on my 4th turn as heavy consonants struck me. Later, he played COMOTE* (30) in the TWS which was not challenged thinking that it was a new Collins word. But it wasn't good as I verified the word after the game. Anyway, I had TRAWLEd (72) and LANGURS (66+5) then blocked the only bingo lane playing KOAP%, my first Collins word on the board to secure the victory.
W 427-322 Bingos: 2-0 Me: ??QS Andy: JQXSSS Equity Loss: ??

Round 2 vs Loy Rivera
AEIMPTW was my first rack and played PEWIT h4 (26) immediately. After my (J)OlTIEST (80) and ENDEARS (83) followed by LEX (33), REWIN (37) and GANEF (35), I took a commanding lead, 388-227. But Loy slotted in VESTRAL (78) on a tight board in the endgame. I used my blank to score with SHiNY (57) and won convincingly.
W 467-328 Bingos: 2-1 Me: ??QXSSS Loy: JZS Equity Loss:??

Round 3 vs Robbie OnateAfter our lunch break, Robbie was up next. He played EDUCT 8d (18) and my rack was an awful BLNNRTW. Instead of tile exchange, I played BL(U)NT f6 (15). Then here comes his first bingo STRIVED, DEDUCT (84). I countered with GENI(T)RIX (70+5). But he had STEALTH (64+5). I challenged it to make it sure so that PELOTAs (88) hooking S to his last bingo cannot be denied. At last, Robbie was my first opponent to play new Collins, FAA% (31). Then I had REGULIN(E) (76+5) to lead temporarily 292-254. But then, he played Z(H)O, ZA$ doubling the TLS for 66 pts and another power tile scoring move of EQUIDS (46). Going into the endgame, I held ?AEINRU with 2 tiles in the bag and unseen BCDEMRSW. Our score was 359-429.

Ronald: ?AEINRU - 359
Robbie's Score: 429
Robbie's Last Move: VOE

No possible bingo along 15th row. I need to dispose one or two tiles and must open another bingo lane. My choices were (Y)AR l11, (K)AI k11 and (D)I h12 but thought that the unseen C could be his good defensive move. I surveyed other location but coudn't find another lane (but analyzed at home there was one last hope).

I played (D)UI h12 (4) and drew IR in the bag. Robbie played D(I)CES 14g (10) to block my only bingo spot.

Going back to the board position, I later analyzed that the only chance of winning was to play A(L) l1 (2) with the hope of drawing D or S could bingo on two separate locations such as:
UR(I)dINES (3g) or NUTSIEr 15d, etc.
UR(I)DINEs (3g) or NEURoID 15d, etc.
... and also hope that my opponent had only one vowel on his rack.
L 423-452 Bingos: 3-2 Me: ??JX Robbie: QZSSSS Equity Loss:??

Round 4 vs Robbie OnateDue to KOTH format, we were paired again as I was the next one with bigger spread among players with 2 wins. I started with BIOOSUU and played just OU 8h. Robbie responded with OVINE 9f. I drew YI in the bag and played BUOY, BOVINE (9f) (29). Then he played HIND 10j (29). My next rack EIIKSTW played KIWI 12e (42) missing TWI(N)KIES$ l7 (a new TWL06 word). After his LAZ(I)ED 15a, I responded with TIPS(I)EST hooking S to BOVINE (82+10) and he challenged both words. He had OVERLaI(D) (76+5) to counter with. Our score at that point was 167-176. Still nip and tuck affair going into this endgame.

Robbie: ?EILOSU - 313
Unseen: AEEENNRSTT (3 tiles in the bag)
My score: 340

Robbie had two bingo spots: nOISE(F)UL 2e
... but with good unseen tiles, Robbie probably thought to play just two tiles and opened up one more bingo lane for his last bingo attempt. He played LO(G) g3 (10).

I held EEENRST and unseen ?AEINSTU. I had only one bingo spot, so I should not pass. At that point, I was in time trouble and thought that ENTREES and RETENES are playable in SLOG. I chose RETENES 2a and drew A in the bag. Robbie immediately played U(R)aNITES a1 (122), a nine timer which left me gnashing my teeth. I realized later that TEENERS 2a should have minimized his winning chances.
L 413-447 Bingos: 2-2 Me: ?JQXSSS Robbie: ?ZS Equity Loss:??

Round 5 vs. Loy RiveraDIRL/ERS 8g (10) was my first move. After his BAPU 7f (21), I played a four timer, HORSIER k5 (96) and another bingo on my 5th turn, SAVIOrS (70), I led, 240-80. He had DEIfIES (81) in his 7th turn to trim down the lead, 307-238. Later, his play of OCA 2a (28) forming OD, CAD and ANE was answered by my DENY 1a (62) in the TWS forming DOD, ECAD and NANE%. There's nothing he can do about it til the end.
W 459-377 Bingos: 2-1 Me: ?QZSSS Robbie: ?JXS Equity Loss:??

Round 6 vs Robbie OnatePrior to this round, Robbie had 5-0 win loss record against my 3-2. I need to win this game, otherwise, the championship looms for him. I played TAXA/DHI h7 (22) and he responded with JAM, JA% g8 (36). At last, Robbie faltered in move 5 when his (F)UMESIED* was challenged off. In move 9, I played De(FE)RRING (64), a nine letter word. I also played some QZ Collins, QUINO% and ZOAEA%. My first revenge against him.
W 406-275 Bingos: 1-0 Me: ??QXZSS Robbie: JSS Equity Loss:??

Round 7 vs Robbie OnatePenultimate round against Robbie with his 5-1 win loss record, I'm still hanging on with my 4-2 win loss and a superior spread at the moment. Robbie played QI 8g (22) to start the game. I played FOLD/AES 9h (14) to open up two bingo S-hook spots. It paid off as I had WHARvES (85) next turn. His START(L)ED (70) was answered by my UPDATER(S) (74+5), then COVENtS (74) in my 5th turn to lead comfortably, 263-161. Another phoney, (T)RANNIED* cost him the game and sealed a healthy win for me.
W 469-327 Bingos: 3-1 Me: ??JXSS Robbie: QZSS Equity Loss:??

Round 8 vs Melvin DalanginMelvin had just won his round 7 match at board 2 for a 5-2 win loss record and a better spread compared to Robbie for the final game. But before the game, he requested to me if we can use his Scrabble set as he was very lucky using it. I also told him that I was doing well with my own board too. So, to remedy this, a toss coin was agreed upon to decide the issue. I picked the head. The coin was up... and the result, his set will be used.

Summarizing the game using Quackle, Despite his phoney ENR(O)LEEs* which was challenged off the board, he had three bingos, RI(D)DLING (72), REELmEN (69) and AVI(A)TION (76). His last bingo could'nt have been possible if I stick to my initial option of (R)ESTAtES e4, instead played EASiEST 10b. In move 7, I did'nt gamble with the low probability bingo with my rack CFHIOSW, although I was able to score WISH (54) and F(R)OW (42) in succession. Consonants rack became my problems going into the endgame and there's nothing I could do but to reduce the gap.
L 429-441 Bingos: 1-3 Me: ?JQSSS Melvin: ?XZS Equity Loss:??

Final Standing after 8 round KOTH
Rank/Players/Wins/Recorded Spread
1 Dalangin, Melvin 6 333
2 Credo, Ronald 5 523
3 Malonzo, Tony 5 142
4 Onate, Robbie 5 57
5 Miranda, Mario 4 147
6 Suma, Bobby 4 -188
7 Rivera, Loy 3 -60
8 Acain, Carlos 3 -108
9 Maniri, Tam 3 -681
10 Aquino, Andy 2 -151

Record: 5-3, +523
Ave. score: 437-371
Bingos: 16-10 (2-1.25)

J: 4/8 (50%)
Q: 6/8 (75%)
X: 5/8 (62.5%)
Z: 2/8 (25%)
S: 17/32 (53.1%)
Blanks: 13/16 (81.3%)
Ave. Equity Loss: (for updating)

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