Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moving to Dubai

It's been 4 months ago when I posted some of my Scrabble stuffs here. I will certainly missed all my Scrabble activities back home. My last tournament in Manila was the NASCAP Open held in Megamall sometime before end of December 2007 wherein I finish at 5th place after losing the last round to Oscar Rivera. Now, you can view the updated ratings in the Philippines as well as the tournaments results and activities starting January 2008 up to the present on this website:

Baguio Benguet Club for Scrabble - http://bbcs.x10hosting.com/

I am now working in Dubai as Civil Engineer in one of the top architectural and engineering firms here in UAE. I thought I would be forgetting Scrabble for a long time as Leo Capuno, also an expat here told me that tournament here is somewhat rare. When one day, I met Akshay Bhandarkar in Karamah way back February, he mentioned to me the Gulf Scrabble Tourney (GST) which was set June of this year. So, I gave him my contact number in case of a qualifying tourney, I can be reached to join the event.

Sure enough, Akshay called up after few weeks and informed me about the qualifying tourney to be held in Burjuman Mall on May 16, 2008. Seven slots were allotted to UAE for the GST.

More stories to come.

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Ferdinand Lucas said...

Hi, I've been a regular reader of your blog since February of this year when I started playing scrabble. It's nice to hear that your passion for scrabble is still there. Really, old habits die hard, do they?