Saturday, May 17, 2008

My First Scrabble Tourney in UAE (16 May 2008)

Players gathered at the food court of the Burjuman Mall in Dubai

Other Players arrived

Round 1 vs Madhu, won: 518-388

Leo vs. Robert, Ravi vs. Eric

Mak vs. Robert, Akshay vs. Eric, Ravi vs. Prasad, Ishtiaq vs. Leo

Round 2 vs. Irfan, won 459-381

Irfan reviewing his game using his laptop

Ishtiaq vs. Leo

Ravi vs. Prasad

Akshay vs. Eric

Robert vs. Mak

Round 3 vs. Ishtiaq, loss 292-388

Me vs. Ishtiaq after the game

Round 4 vs. Leo, won 423-346

Leo, a picture of intense concentration in Round 4

Madhu, the mother of Nikhil was also playing

Round 5 vs. Akshay, loss 335-441

Round 6 vs. Robert, loss 334-418; But I was delighted to spot a nine letter word REE(N)A(C)TOR. Robert had SINKErS, (A)NCHOrED and RETIRES

Round 7 vs. Eric, won 459-382

The Scrabble Wizards



Robins from Kenya came late and just watched us play the game


Prasad came all the way from Abu Dhabi about 2 hours ride just to play Scrabble!





Yours truly posing in front of the Burjuman Mall

Final Standing after 7 Rounds

Rank Player Wins Mar
1 Akshay Bhandarkar 6 755
2 Ishtiaq Chishty 5 203
3 Irfan Siddiqui 4 327
4 Leo Capuno 4 281
5 Ronald Credo 4 78
6 Nikhil Soneja 4 16
7 Robert Rosenthal 4 14
8 Prasad Chidambaram 3 -148
9 Eric Kinderman 3 -171
10 Madhu Soneja 2 -357
11 Makbul Manji 2 -644
12 Ravi 1 -354

HIGH GAME: Leo Capuno 611

My Stats:
Wins Ratio: 4/7 (57.14%)
Bingos: 9/7 (Ave. 1.29 per game)
Ave. Score: 403 (High 518, Low 292)

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