Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grind's Cafe 2 (25 July 2008)

Our second venture to the same venue, the Grind's cafe...

Only five (5) players showed up, from left: Robins, Makbul, me, Prasad and Asad

Concentrating on my first game against Prasad

This was the actual final board position. The UAE record so far for the highest game score of 625. Also a record for the highest non-bingo word, OYEZ (105+5). Another record for biggest spread, 413 (Final Score: 625-212)

Round 2 game vs. Asad
Asad had DINDLES. I had SQuIZ for 106 pts. Too bad, I didn't challenged off the INIAS* after holding his play


Round 2 Final Board Position vs. Asad, Loss 364-385

While taking my 3rd Round bye, this was a pose with the Web Owner and reliable computer man, Makbul.

Round 4 Final Board Position vs. Mak, Won 467-261

Round 5 vs. Robins, a good Kenyan player who is now working here in Dubai.
Robins first blood, DWARFING (86) was countered by my FOREHEnT (102+5). He had another one OUtBIDS (85+5) and I had ASTERNAL (62). In the endgame, he blocked the only bingo opening for me. I loss, 426-466

Round 4 final board position vs. Robins

It's lunch break...

Robins and Asad

Playing isc during break

Second game against Asad in Round 6
I had only one bingo, RECEPTOR to his RELATIVE, OUTDRIVE and HORSiEST

Round 6 Final Board Position vs. Asad, Loss 374-505

Round 7 vs. Prasad

Round 7 Final Board Position vs. Prasad, Won 494-283

Round 8 Final Board Position vs Mak, Won 499-333

Board 1 Final battle between Robins and Asad

And the winner was Asad with a clean slate 8-0!

Results after game 8
JULY 25, 2008 -- UAE TOUR 02
Rank Player Wins Mar

1 Asad Ul-haq 8 677
2 Ronald Credo 5 857
3 Robins Magaki 5 368
4 Makbul Manji 3 -746
5 Prasad Chidambaram 3 -756
6 A Bye 0 -400
HIGH GAME: Ronald Credo 625

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