Sunday, June 07, 2009

Round 6 Battle Between Two Top Rated Players of UAE (Akshay vs. Selwyn) at GST

Here is an interesting game between the top 2 rated players of UAE, Akshay Bhandarkar and Selwyn Lobo. The game lasted for about 35 minutes. After the game, they discussed their analysis. Learn from the experts!

Thanks to Nikhil for putting up the live streaming video of the actual action which you can view it here

Selwyn vs. Akshay, Round 6 at table 1. You can see the small laptop catching the action. The game is being annotated by the group of Qatar led by Judith Britten.

For a much faster action, click this link: Round 6 Board 1, Akshay Bhandarkar (UAE) vs. Selwyn Lobo (UAE)

Final Board Position: Akshay 381, Selwyn 367

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