Thursday, July 30, 2009

Next UAE Scrabble Tourney Slated on 31st of July

UAE Scrabble Club announced a tourney to be held at Marco Polo Hotel, Al Muteena, Deira on the 31st of July as early as 8:30AM. Selwyn Lobo informed thru the uae-scrabble-club google group mailing list that six (6) trophies will be at stake including prize for highest single turn, highest single game and most number of bingos but it will be given to the rookies and newcomers for a change on this particular tourney only. However, Selwyn assured that he will arrange prizes for veterans in the next tourney. He said: "Let rookies win prizes this time! So, this is good news for the rookies and newcomers to encouraged them play the game."

List of participants who expressed their confirmation to play the tourney are as follows:

1. Selwyn Lobo
2. Asad Ul-haq
3. Ronald Credo
4. Ralph Lobo
5. Nikhil Soneja
6. Makbul Manji
7. Madhu Soneja
8. Prasad Chidambaram
9. Kishore Vaidnayathan
10. Preethi Vaidnayathan
11. Meraj Khan
12. Denzil Fernandes
13. Kartik Adinarayan
14. Neena Sharma
15. Sohail Hanif
16. Jo Mcgowan
17. Christine Sadia
18. Manu Mathew
19. Anuja Bhargava
20. Gaurav Srivastava
21. Kristen Jensen
22. Anu Bhatnagar
23. Renee Dickens
24. Arthi Srinivasan
25. Preethi Mariappan
26. Rejha Balaji
27. Sandra Igho Otedoh
28. Ana Concepcion
29. Erum Sofia Hasan
30. Asit Desphande

Players are hereby requested to bring their Scrabble Sets and Timers. The first eight (8) on the list will not receive prize but they are still encourage to play their best for prestige.

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